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Dubya the Tumor

"It's all in your head!"

This is Dante's Anti-Tumor Journal.

The review the history of everything, you might want to use the "calendar" or "archive" function and start on March 4th, 2006 where the first entry is.

On February 27, 2006 a growth was discovered in my brain. It's was a slow growing tumor about the size of a plum. On April 6th, 2006 they removed it surgically. The purpose of this journal is to document me putting the hurt on the thing in my head.

I named the tumor after my arch human enemy, "Dubya".

I am a 35 year old teacher in Omaha, Nebraska. I am originally from Washington and California. My wife's name is Sara and my dogs are Cookie and Stella. I've written a few novels and you can find out more at http://www.dantesalvatierra.org

Oh and a short disclaimer:
I know that there's a possibility of some of my students and children reading this journal. So I will do my best to keep my posts child-appropriate. However I can't guarantee that those commenting on my journal will do the same. Please read this journal with your children knowing that some material written by others may be inappropriate.
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